We take care of the small in the big. We pamper the greats in detail.

Sample of some elements created for fairs. More than 15 years serving FYCMA in different disciplines and areas

El Lapicero is the design and creative services company you are looking for.

A multidisciplinary, solvent and experienced team that works with the aim of making your ideas come true, managing to optimize them and helping you to get the best out of your project. At El lapicero we have been working on it for more than 15 years. 

What's so special about us?


Undoubtedly, what makes the difference between El lapicero and other creative solutions companies is our human capital and our extensive experience: more than 15 years working for companies, individuals and public bodies, especially in the field of events. We create Image and generate the complete development of each and every one of the marketing elements that are necessary, from internal documentation to the most spectacular element for the staging of your brand.

Mission and values

- Desing and creativity

The extensive experience of El Lapicero in the field of design and creativity is endorsed by the trust that our clients have placed in us. A look at the projects in which El lapicero has been involved gives a good example of this.

- Professional team

Our multidisciplinary team has a long individual and business history. We are young but with marked experience in different fields of marketing and design. In addition, we understand job stability and internal cohesion of the professionals that make up El Lapicero as an added value.

- Quality and service

For granted. The best quality and good service are our maxims. We understand your project, your brand or your company as something of your own, and our involvement is aimed at your satisfaction. We trust our customers. We are part of your team and we work hard to achieve the best.

Graphic Design oriented to Marketing and the valorization of your Brand

Production and management of both own and external events.

Creation, management and direction of the Animacomic event, Animation, Manga and Comic Fair (2012-2015 editions)

Production and management of parallel activities in Fancine, Malaga Fantastic Film Festival (2014-2020 editions)